Handkey Vs Other widely available Covid Keys

Handkey use case door handle

The number of covid-19 cases in India has crossed 3.5 Million out of which more that 750000 are still active. More than 60000 deaths have been reported in India till date. It is extremely crucial to keep ourselves safe and keep ourselves protected at all times from getting infected.

We have slowly progressed towards a world where we follow social distancing religiously. Masks and sanitisers are an indispensable part of our lives now. Although, these can protect us from direct transmission, they cannot always protect against indirect transmission of the coronavirus. These products cannot keep our hands from coming in contact with possibly contaminated objects and surfaces in public areas such as doors, ATM machines, elevator buttons, light switches, washroom taps, parking buttons, grocery bags, etc. Thus there is a need of a product that creates a barrier between us and coronavirus contaminated surfaces.

As a solution to this problem, several covid keys have become popular. Their design is similar to that of an ordinary key that can help in the pulling and pushing of doors and pushing buttons. The design of an ordinary covid key looks slightly primitive. One of the major problems with the Covid key is that after the top of the key comes in contact with the coronavirus contaminated surfaces, it might then come in contact with our hands after use. So, when the key is not in use or while keeping the key back in our pockets or bags, the top surface of the key which was in contact with the public spaces, may come in contact with our body, our bag, our clothes or our hands. A solution to this problem can be to enclose the upper part in a cuboidal case after every use. This is exactly what a Bangalore based startup Safetouch Designs have developed with their product called the Handkey.

Difference between the Handkey and the covid keys:

Handkey for covid-19

1. Handkey has a black outer cuboidal case to place the brass clamp inside the case. The clamp is attached to a slider which slides the clamp back into the case to protect our hands from touching the tip and surface of the clamp that came in contact with the potentially contaminated objects. The case also comes with a cap like cover to enclose the clamp inside the box. This protects the outer body of the Handkey from coming in direct contact with any contaminated surface and keeps the body germ free and hygienic. Thus, the Handkey can be put safely in our pockets or our bags without worrying about sanitising it.

The other type of widely available covid keys have no cover or case to protect our hands from touching the top surface of the key that comes in contact with the public objects.

2. Handkey’s clamp is made of Brass which in turn is made 70% of Copper known for its disinfecting properties that gets rid of any coronavirus traces on its surface within 4 hours. The Brass also allows you to operate touchscreens such as ATM machines etc. Whereas most of the covid keys are made of plastic which is non antimicrobial and cannot be used to operate touchscreens

3. Handkey’s design is innovative which makes it comfortable to carry around and easy to use. The product is designed in such a way that it is light weight, lasts a lifetime and gives a premium look.

The other covid keys are not easy to hold or carry unless you tie it with a band around your hands which can be very uncomfortable to use for a long time.

4. Handkey has been designed, produced and manufactured in India. All the materials and components used in the making of the product are also produced in India.

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